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as promised….

Another as I mentioned yesterday.



Ah yes, the Horned Grebe.  The birding forum had reported one siting and then gone quiet.  I wasn’t sure if they had moved on but I was hoping I could find them.  Once again I was helped by another photographer/birder, a big thank you out to that gentlemen.  I must have walked past them as I worked my way down the water because I got to the end and nothing was to be found.  I started scanning back up the way I came and sure enough they were at the other end, I got to hike all the way back.  As I was getting into position they joined in their ritual and both were in full display.  They were quite accommodating eventually.  I will post a couple more.

Green Winged Teal

I was fortunate to spend some time with a few Green Winged Teals on the water the other day.  There were 6 or so sleeping on logs around logs and the males were chasing girls.  This one just woke up.

American Wigeon

The weather has been cool but very lovely as of late.  The birds seem to enjoy all the variations except maybe the really windy conditions.  Spenard Crossing is serving up some very nice bird opportunities.  This American Wigeon was pretty cooperative and I enjoyed working with him for a short period of time.

Glossy Ibis

We were in Colorado last week and the weather was colder than what we left behind here.  A lot of the water was still iced over and it snowed 3 or 4 times while we were there.  I was looking forward to coming back to warmth.  The cooler weather was somewhat unusual for Colorado at this time of year, normally Denver is well into spring.  We also headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a day but that was somewhat disappointing.  They are rebuilding the entrance and resurfacing at least part of Trail Ridge road and with all of the construction and heavy equipment and people there was not even a squirrel to be found.  The forest itself is really in bad shape with the pine beetle infestation.  Of course it is not like it snuck up on them, it is cyclical and it started about 18-20 years ago.  Looks like they are going to be cutting down A LOT of trees.  If they don’t the whole place will be a tinder box.  A bad predicament.

Eventually we stumbled upon some birds and located this nice pair of Glossy Ibis’s.  Very beautiful bird when the sun hits those feathers…

Its May in Alaska….that means birds

May means birds.  Its that simple.  Up here in Alaska as the winter snows slowly rescind the birds move in to fill void.  The Homer bird festival is the 5/6-5/9 and the Festival in Cordova is this week also.  That is a bit unusual as they typically follow one another.  Break out the binos, put on the T-shirts and get out there.


Photo of Canvasback duck

Potters Marsh had a very nice collection of Canvasbacks out and about on Tuesday.  I appreciate the gentlemen who pointed their location out to me.  In the same area there were American Wigeon, Grebe, Canadian Geese and Arctic Terns.  The board walk was mostly quiet but I did see a pair of Green Winged Teal there.