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Upland Game Bird Sanctuary supporting cast

And of course we have moose in the Sanctuary.  These guys like our trees, our trees bark, our lettuce and our strawberries.  I don’t like them eating my strawberries.

We have another moose buddy that comes through quite often also.  He is a 3 footed moose.  Yes that is right a 3 footed moose, he only has 3 feet.  I have some photos somewhere, I will find them and post.  (No I did not cut off his foot because he ate my strawberries, that would be Ol’ Lipless, but that is another story for another time.)

Upland Game Bird Sanctuary

I found these guys when I was putting out some millet for the pheasants.  The winters are a wee bit hard up here so when I found out that I had pheasants I put some food out to help them make it through the winter.  I walked out of my garage door with my head down looking at the bag of seed and when I looked up I had almost stepped on this bird.  They proceeded to allow me to come right up to within 3 feet or so of them.  The information on them says they are very fast runners and can easily out run a hunter.  I don’t know if they can out run a 10 gauge from 3 feet away though.

Upland Game Bird Sanctuary

Introducing the Chukar.  I did not know pheasants were here in Alaska and now I have them and the Chukar.  According to Cornell the Chukar was first introduced to the US in 1893 from what is now the country of Pakistan (formerly Karachi, India).  So here we have another bird that thrives in the Central/Midwest up here proliferating under my deck.  Yes there is a pair of these too.

Upland Game Bird Sanctuary…..or…… What I find under my Deck

I wonder how many chicks we are going to have running around here this summer?

Upland Game Bird Sanctuary…..or…… What I find under my Deck

Apparently my yard has been designated the new Upland Game Bird Sanctuary for the Greater Mat-Su Metropolitan area.  It is open 24/7 and includes grassy areas, alaskan dead falls, grass that is getting over run with clovers, some snow, fireweed, and a nice deck.

For your viewing pleasure, a sampling of two of the six pheasants that have moved into the sanctuary.

Things Are Heating Up….

Water is opening up a little more but overall locations are still limited.

Next up…The new Upland Game Bird Sanctuary here in the Matsu Valley.

Things Are Heating Up….

Seems early for swans but they might have come up from over wintering at Coopers Landing.

Things Are Heating Up….

And a few more for your enjoyment…

Mergansers and Mallards taking over the creek.

There’s a moose and an eagle that might have something to say about that though.

Things Are Heating Up….

Well March is here and here come the birds…

February was kind of an odd month.  The temps jumped way up to 45-48 degrees and then March rolled in and it started to get cold, windy and snowy again.  Well, in like a lion out like a lamb.

Print of the Month

We are proud to present our new Print of the Month – Castles.  This image was made in the Books Cliffs area on the Western slope of Colorado.  The color of the Books Cliffs varies in luxurious  pastels and is quietly beautiful in soft light but for this image I saw shapes and forms that called for a B&W interpretation as I envisioned the light.  The title comes from the sandstone formation that is prominent and the surrounding formations that support it.  As always (so far) the original file was made using B&W film for a classic rendering of tones.  Please stop over and visit Fall River Photography.  The Print of the month is offered at a reduced price for a limited time.