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Archive for July, 2010

The Canadians on the Block

Young Canucks working the field

How about these guys eh?  The Canadians have a great showing up north this year.  This is a nature photograph so I cropped out the hockey sticks off to the side.  This is 1st intermission between the young Canuks and the well insulated but much less skilled Arctic Snow Geese junior team.  A little snack between periods is mandatory.

Family Portrait

Mom posing with Chicks

Mom posing with the new kids.

Greater Chicks

Greater White Fronted Goose Chicks work hard to put on size

Well, as you know July is “chicks” month up here in Alaska and there are a ton of them out there this year.  We had the Pacific loon cam up on the internet for all to see and a couple of trips to the arctic always yields and eye (and card) full.  I will try to get some additional ones posted also.  These Greater White Fronted Goose chicks were just chowing down. They have plenty to eat up here but you can definitely sense the urgency of trying to put on size.  There wings are so little it is hard to believe they will make it out of here in two months.  They had better though; it gets a wee bit rough up here in the winter.


Light on the Talkeetnas

It has been raining everyday. Occasionally the sun comes out for a short period of time but it is the exception, definitely not the rule so far this month.  When the sun does come out in this weather it is tremendously dramatic.  The mountain sides were waiting patiently to catch the light…and so was I.

Grebe Chicks

Grebe Chick feeding on adult back

We found a beautiful pair of Grebes with their newly hatched chicks.  There was still one more bun in the oven too.  These guys were very fresh to the new world and had a hard time getting down solid food.  They did enjoy riding around on the Grebe boat though.  The parents were of course dotting on their new young ones.


Redheads enjoying a break from the rain

The summit lake on the road over Hatcher Pass has some great birds sometimes.  Last week produced a pair of surf scoters and this week I located two redheads.  I enjoyed a respite from the rain with these guys.

Denali Sunset

Sunsetting behind Denali from Lake Byers, Alaska

Sunsetting behind Denali from Lake Byers, Alaska

The sunsets are incredible.

Byers Lake

Summer Evening at Byers Lake, Alaska

Summer Evening at Byers Lake, Alaska

One of my favorite places to “just be” in all of Alaska.