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Archive for February, 2010

Then we got into these…

Eagles.  Homer is known for its Eagles and it did not disappoint.  We headed out toward the end of the Spit and they were waiting right there for us.  Wonderful.  So we introduced ourselves and and asked them to model for a while.  Homer Eagles are very accommodating and the photography was incredible.  I don’t know if you can imagine this but we were less than six feet away from them at times.  Very honored to be able to photograph these beautiful birds.  There will be a couple images from this trip in the Spring Releases.  This one might be one of them.


We stopped in at Two Sisters Bakery and had a great breakfast.  The Mocha is to die for I can tell you that and the Blueberry scones are tops.  Really enjoyed listening to the local banter too.  Seafaring stories and all, it was great and we felt right at home.  By the way they make a pretty good breakfast quiche too.

Off to Homer

We headed down to Homer for some good old fashioned bird photography.  We were very successful in finding birds and good views.  We started out at Bishops Beach watching the sunrise.  The tide was low but not the big minus tide of the month.  There were a few clam diggers out there and we enjoyed watching the eagles fly by on their way over to the spit.  Great sunrise the first morning, looking south.

Bohemian Waxwings

We chased the Waxwings around Palmer a short while ago and they posed up for us in some Mountain Ash trees.  They are pretty easy to find if you just park and watch the sky for the swarm.  The other great thing about these birds is they always graciously serve up their classic berry pose.  They are certainly beautiful and fun to be with.