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New Book From Alaska


If you have the Alaska bug there is a new book out that you will want to check out.  It is getting great reviews and I have it on my short list on Amazon.  Now that the summer is over and some work is actually done (but never all done) I will be digging into this.  I pretty much consume anything about the Brooks Range I can snap up.  Check it out.

Bye to Fall


Well the last leaves have come down, the sun fall lower and lower in the southern sky everyday, there is a new chill in the air and snow will soon be here.  We had a GREAT fall up here in the Great Land and I am most grateful for it.  We have to say goodbye now and get mentally ready for the winter.  It was indeed an unusually long fall for the Great White North though.  We had some early and thick termination dust on the mountains but the temps warmed up to the 50s and off it went back to the treasuries of the snow.  The inevitable is on its way and I am ready for it.  I do indeed enjoy the winter.

New Releases!



We got the new releases out on the 17th.  We have several so stop on by and check them out.  Easiest way to get there is to click on the Fall River Photography logo at the top of the blog and then select New Releases on the site.  Or you can go there from here. Above are “Vermillion Gold” and “Wrangell-St.Elias” from the collection.



These leaves were laying there for me find.  The composition was perfect, dropped from the tree in patterns inside of patterns, the color amazing, all I had to do was receive.  What a beautiful fall we have had here in Alaska.  It is not every year we get 6 weeks of true fall but we got it and more this year.  The first snow on the mountain has melted off and the sun has been gloriously shining.  I have enjoyed it immensely.

While I was waiting….


There is an unusual happenstance of note in that a Great Blue Heron has decided to grace the Great State with it’s presence.  I was at Potters Marsh waiting for the our beautiful friend to wake and while he slept and I waited, this muskrat was very busy scooting around the pond.  He would shoot by the GBH and the heron would lift his head for a moment and then go back to sleep, the muskrat would then chase the incoming ducks away too.  He seemed to think he owned the joint.  I didn’t argue, I just shot him.



We headed over to Jim Lake yesterday morning to look for some water fowl photographic opportunities and we were rewarded handsomely.  We found 4 different groups of adults and juveniles feeding, frolicking and generally doing what swans do.  It was a beautiful day here in Alaska with temps (amazingly) in the 50s.  We had a very healthy dose of termination dust last week and its all gone at the moment.  The swans were really enjoying the weather and feeding actively.  The red salmon were in and thrashing around but unfortunately due to the mortality that is involved in the end of life cycle for salmon the smell was a bit tepid.  Great day to be out and about.

Tundra Sunrise


I was up for sunrise in Deadhorse last week.  That’s not too hard, it’s coming up around 8:00 am or so now.  The days are getting much shorter.  Hey is that snow? Umm, yep.  It’s winter up here.  Wasn’t too cold though, high 20s right now.  The arctic foxes are in whiteout and I thought the vast majority of birds had left.  Caught some scoters in the slush though, they looked like they were having fun.  The Arctic ocean is freezing up quickly.

New Releases Part Deaux!

HangingBellI did mention that we would have additional new releases today and here they are.  The Western Columbine above is a favorite of mine.  Dee made that photograph up near Coeur D’Alene, an absolutely beautiful area down on the Kenai.  The new releases can be found at the links here or you can head over to the site by clicking on the banner of the blog or here.

“Hanging Bell”

“Lone Eagle”

“Merganser Calling”

“Master of His Domain”

Next up is October 17th.  We will be releasing several more images including the ones used in our ads in Southwest Art and Mountain Living Magazines.

New Releases!


This month we will be adding several new releases to our collection.  We have already released 5 new prints.


“Walking in A Colorado Autumn”

“Crows In Rain”

“Rabbit Valley Cactus Blooms”

and this months Print of the Month  “High Country Aspen”

Click on the links to head over to take a look.

On October 7th we will be releasing 4 more prints and on October 17th we will present another release.  That is the short list for now.

This month we will be adding several new releases to our collection. We have already released 5 new prints.


“Walk in A Colorado Autumn”

“Crows In Rain”

“Rabbit Valley Blooms”

Click on the links to head over to take a look.

On October 7th we will be releasing 4 more prints and on October 13th we will present another release. That is the short list for now.

New Website Is Up!

Fall River Photography Webpage

The new version of the Fall River Photography Website is up!  We have a new look and for the up coming Holiday Season we are presenting several new releases.  The New Releases can be found under the New Releases link and with a NEW banner on the photograph.  We will be releasing these over the course of the next month so check back often.

We are also adding a new Print of the Month feature.  The Print of the Month will have a Special Introductory price that is lowered by 15% to 20% of our normal print prices.  This reduced price is only available for a month and is only available on prints.

Look forward to your visit.  To access the website click on the Fall River Photography Logo at the top of the Blog or click here http://www.fallriverphotography.com/

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