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On Trumpeter Swans

Here is an exert from our Trumpeter Swan page on our site Fall River Photography.  You can read more at the this link:http://www.fallriverphotography.com/t-trumpeter-swan.aspx.  It is getting to be spring in Alaska and that means trumpeter swans.

Notes From the Field

The triumphant male Trumpeter Swan lorded it over the other swans swimming in the water from the bench of ice that he was on; the message was undeniable. With his chest thrust out, wings back and extended, and that unmistakable arrogant strut, victory was announced and dominance declared.
In early spring open water is at a premium that the swans are only tenuously willing to share. The coming breeding season is approaching, so of course the swans are also restless and aggressive this time of year. The fragile powder keg of aggression in the swans on this pool only needs one thing to get out of sorts to cause it to explode and a pair of swans coming in to land on the water sets it off. An extended series of battles between swan pairs ensued that carried on back and forth across the open water. The result was several swans departured and others were sporting sore swan backsides from “goosing” but nothing of major injurious consequence, thank goodness. I can assure you the battles were fierce though, regardless of the lack of obvious wounds.


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