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And then there was one…


This big boy finally got up and stretched a bit and looked around.  He spied the young bulls, but hey they had been here since before I showed up, so no big deal right.  Well he laid into this one just for good measure and a little warm up I guess.  He eyed him up and that young bull kept a very wide berth.  You can see from the head gear that this guy is pleading “no contest”.  By the way those alders will stop a man in his tracks, that bull went through there as if they were grass stalks and he didn’t even “have his grump on”.  Good times.  Then he looked my way…. Checking my head gear, I decide to defer to the old man too and move to an appropriate place with a good escape route.  He was cordial enough as long as I stayed a respectable distance.  The big bull and his three cows grazed for a while then he decided it was time to pick up and move and through the alders they went.  I enjoyed my time with them.

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