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Great Gray Owl Fledged

Great Gray owl chick after fledging

Great Gray Owl Chick Fledged on tree

The great gray owl chick fledged and I had the privilege of showing up a few minutes after the event and then spending the better part of two days with him/her.  What a great time that was.  The chick seemed pretty confident and not really fearful.  He definitely wanted to climb things and get on top of snags and stumps.  His feathers were not developed enough to get any air really but he hopped along well.  Moma owl kept a keen eye on her chick and was very tolerant of our presence.  These birds have a reputation of being very tame and that was very conducive to getting our photographs.  The adults would come in and feed the chick without any hesitation regarding us watching the whole thing.  It was a powerful experience to share that with these guys.  Eventually the little guy made it up the hill and he started to move too fast throughout the day to locate him.  Here’s to hoping he has a great life!

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