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Kenai Canoe Trails

I am sure most of you are aware of the northern boundary water canoe trails up on the Minnesota-Canada border.  What you may not be aware of is that Alaska has the second largest canoe trail system down on the Kenai Peninsula.  Daniel Quick has put together the first (and only) comprehensive book on the trail system and it is a winner.  In this day and age of 149 character limit tweets and authors who throw something against the wall and hope nobody cares whether it sticks, Daniel has gone through a tremendous amount of effort to provide his readers with genuine research that is useful and can be trusted.  This book comes from years of personal time on this system and a ton of time with Fish & Game, rangers, other users and the library.  (What a concept).  If you want to float this system this book is a MUST have.  If you want to go and camp within this system, this book is a MUST have.  You can get it at Amazon of course or head straight on over to http://www.northlite.biz/Canoe/

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