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Alone Across Alaska


Now here is a great resource for seeing what Alaska back country hiking is all about.  Buck Nelson traverses the Arctic on foot and by raft and takes you along with him on the journey.  If you want to see the Brooks Range and get some beta on a trip you have been dying to make then you will want this video.  If you are undecided about making a trip to the Brooks Range well, this will get you off the fence so get out the check book, the maps and pop in this DVD.  Buck’s site has links to air taxis’, gear list for this trip, maps, and a discussion board that you can ask him questions on.  Buck is a great guy and will tell you everything he knows.  Steve Howe reviewed this in Backpacker Magazine a couple of months back too if you need another source (www.backpacker.com).  Here’s the link, come on up…http://www.bucktrack.com/Alaska_Brooks_Range_Traverse.html

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