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Too Much Skookum


This is what it looks like when you have had too much Skookum.  We went up and hiked the Skookum Volcano Trail in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  The trail starts out from Nabesna Road and goes about 2.5 miles up a creek bed to the pass.  I hiked this trail last year scouting for some photos and I knew there were Dall sheep up there.  Some recon the evening before showed several sheep visible so we decided to head up and the plan was to camp out and photograph landscapes and Dall Sheep.  Well, that didn’t work out so good.  We decided to take our dogs with us (as usual) and our oldest, Hairy, had a really hard time.  This years flooding really brought out the boulders and when it was wet it was slicker than anything I have ever been on.  After about 2 hours lifting Hairy over boulders he finally found a sand patch and laid down.  He had had enough.  It was a beautiful day so we chilled and ate lunch and let Hairy take a nap.  Then it was down the trail to do it all over again.  He wasn’t too happy about that either and parked himself a couple of times in some soft cool sand.  We managed to keep him moving and finally made it out, he finally got what he wanted too….

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