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Upland Game Bird Sanctuary supporting cast

And of course we have moose in the Sanctuary.  These guys like our trees, our trees bark, our lettuce and our strawberries.  I don’t like them eating my strawberries.

We have another moose buddy that comes through quite often also.  He is a 3 footed moose.  Yes that is right a 3 footed moose, he only has 3 feet.  I have some photos somewhere, I will find them and post.  (No I did not cut off his foot because he ate my strawberries, that would be Ol’ Lipless, but that is another story for another time.)

Upland Game Bird Sanctuary

I found these guys when I was putting out some millet for the pheasants.  The winters are a wee bit hard up here so when I found out that I had pheasants I put some food out to help them make it through the winter.  I walked out of my garage door with my head down looking at the bag of seed and when I looked up I had almost stepped on this bird.  They proceeded to allow me to come right up to within 3 feet or so of them.  The information on them says they are very fast runners and can easily out run a hunter.  I don’t know if they can out run a 10 gauge from 3 feet away though.