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Homer Wheels


These cable wheels caught my eye while I was poking around the bouy area on the docks on the Homer spit.  The Coast Guard was looking like it was making preparations to get underway and had a few of these on the main decks also.  I didn’t try any stealth boarding attempts on the Coastie but I did overtly photograph these without fear.  The seaside in general is a wonderful place to receive a bounty of visual stimulus and a dock area is really icing on the cake with all of the goings on there.

Buoys Awaiting Service


I am continuing this Homer Spit/Maritime theme for a bit because, well, I like it.  This is another set of buoys being temporarily stored on the docks at the end of the Spit.

Homer Buoys


We were out on the Homer Spit and the Coast Guard was getting (somewhat) ready to put these buoys out.  Some were freshly painted and some were apparently waiting for their upgrade.  Very colorful and the lines were inspiring.  The Homer Spit is not just a tourista trap, you gotta look around a little.

Homer, Alaska


We just got back from several days in Homer.  The weather was very spring like so that brought some rain but also some very dramatic cloud formations.  You know what they say, “Bad weather makes for good photographs.”  The shore birds are showing up but the recent volcanic ash dump seems to have dampened the activity a bit.  There was quite a bit of it, Homer got about a 1/4″ of an inch of accumulation.  Didn’t eat here but I have plans…