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Chased By the Light


Chased by the Light is an absolutely excellent book.  Maybe it is so popular that you have heard of it and own it already, if not it is worth taking a look at.  The photography is excellent because of what it is a part of, taken in context of the project all of the images become special.  I think that is what a lot of photographers try to communicate to their viewers with stories of how they suffered and endured to make a particular photograph, that sense of context.  Context is there when I view a photograph of mine because I was there, it is not there for you the viewer except for what you can draw from the image and add to with your imagination.  It is a dilemma that is perplexing for a stand alone piece of work for an artist; will the viewer “see it”.  Well…back to the book, Jim in writing this book does an excellent job of completing the missing contextual information and out comes a superb book that is revealing, inspiring, and thought provoking.  I have enjoyed it immensely, take a look.