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Ursus Horriblious


This Bad Boy Boar got within about 20 meters of the sow and cubs while they were grazing and laz’n.  They perked up to catch sight of this guy just in time and took off!  The boar chased them for about 2 miles up the river and around the bend and up the side of this mountain.  Momma turned on the old man about a quarter of the way up and laid into him and had the upper hand as she was on the uphill side.  Those cubs were running for their lives!  The dark brown cub went up and over the top and kept on running and running while the blonde cub stopped and waited on Momma bear.  The sow backed slowly up the hill with the boar swinging his head and menacing his way up the hill in full on attack mode; he wanted that cub.   Not good times.