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Spring Fever


Spring fever is here for me, my goodness.  Up here in the Great White North we are still buried under.  We are getting some great sun but it is not coming fast enough it seems.  Now I love the cold, and I love the snow but this year I am just ready to roll.  Last summer was very short due to some late snow storms, rain, clouds and the coldest summer on record up here.  All of that has me, and my northern brothers and sisters, chomping at the bit to get some warm weather “on”.  April is here and that means birds, lots of birds, and I am looking forward to that.  Unfortunately a considerable amount of snow is still covering major nesting areas and so we are all anxiously awaiting break up so these guys can get in here.  We will be heading down to Homer later on this month to catch the migration stop over that comes through there; if reports are accurate we are talking tens of thousands of birds at a minimum. This will be our first time to attend this and we are looking forward to it.  The stop over in the Copper River Delta is to the tune of millions of birds.  That is the one I want to hit next year, it just won’t work out for us this year.  They had a bird count of 1.25 million birds in one day last year.  We also have a massive Rapture migration that occurs through the area.  Gunsight Mountain is a major migratory corridor for this and there is a raptor watch from Feb to April with some days counts over one hundred.  If you want to participate check out the Anchorage Audubon website they are looking for volunteers.  There is a BBQ coming up too in April.