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New Print of the Month

Sunset on the Arctic Slope, Caribou, Alaska

Arctic Caribou Sunset on the North Slope of Alaska, Print of the Month

Alaska Moose

Alaska Bull Mooose

Bull Moose, Alaska

New Print of the Month

Print of the Month

Atigan Pass - Print of the Month

Snow Goose Evening

Snow Goose on arctic slope

Snow Goose, Arctic evening

A snow goose on the arctic slope, late spring.

Evening On The North Slope

Arctic Loons sunset

Arctic Loons revel in the sunset



We headed over to Jim Lake yesterday morning to look for some water fowl photographic opportunities and we were rewarded handsomely.  We found 4 different groups of adults and juveniles feeding, frolicking and generally doing what swans do.  It was a beautiful day here in Alaska with temps (amazingly) in the 50s.  We had a very healthy dose of termination dust last week and its all gone at the moment.  The swans were really enjoying the weather and feeding actively.  The red salmon were in and thrashing around but unfortunately due to the mortality that is involved in the end of life cycle for salmon the smell was a bit tepid.  Great day to be out and about.

Alaska Swans


As we headed up the Parks Highway to our first location we saw these swans in a lake off the roadside.  The fall colors are in full bloom and the swans were cooperative so we took advantage and had a seat on the tundra, ate some blueberries and photographed the swans.  They cruised around for a little while then started feeding.  If you have seen water fowl feed it’s a bottoms up routine.  At that point we said goodbye and headed on our way.  The swans usually stick around until the ice freezes up the water so much they loose their take off runway so they will still be here for a while.