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New Print of the Month

Sunset on the Arctic Slope, Caribou, Alaska

Arctic Caribou Sunset on the North Slope of Alaska, Print of the Month

Snow Geese On Arctic Tundra

Snow Geese On Arctic Tundra

Snow Geese on Arctic Tundra

Snow Goose Evening

Snow Goose on arctic slope

Snow Goose, Arctic evening

A snow goose on the arctic slope, late spring.

Snow Geese In Flight

Snow Geese in flight Arctic

Snow Geese In Flight, Arctic

The arctic is a tremendously beautiful place and nothing says arctic to me like fog, wind, and cold.

Arctic Loons On Nest

Arctic Loons On Nest

Arctic Loons on nest with Chick

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl Hunting

Arctic Loon & Chick

Arctic Loon and loon chick

Arctic Loon with Chick on tundra pond

King Eider

King Eider Portrait photograph

King Eider

The Comp.


Snow Geese Chicks

The Snow Geese Junior Hockey team.  They had a Hockey mom getting after them a little for what sounded like a lack of effort.  You can’t blame her too much.  Look at them;  they look like they don’t have a care in the world.