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McLaren Summit


McLaren Summit at 4086 feet is not the highest mountain pass I have ever driven up (short by almost 10 thousand feet) but the view, well it speaks for itself.  Only Atigan Pass in Alaska is higher.  The valley below McLaren is absolutely beautiful, the lazy Susitna River in the evening light makes a slivery highway running towards the distant Alaska Range peaks. The rain was out on this late evening, but really, it it only served up the drama instead of damping the mood.



I seem to always struggle with the season between Winter and Spring.  I guess it is not a season, but the couple of weeks of it sure make it seem so.  This, we will call it a “shoulder” season, is a time of what I tend to want to call…..ugliness.  The snow is dirty and rotten, the trees are bare and broken, the garbage is out all over, the junk in the yard is exposed, ugh.  So what’s a photographer to do?  I typically play catch up on my film development and bury myself in maps waiting for some “good weather” to get things going again.  Unfortunately I always seem to slip past that two week period of spring where the leaves have just started budding and they catch the light in the most amazing ways.  Backlit, freshly sprouted leaves are some of the most intriguing eye candy and I seem to get so busy on inside projects that I miss it.  Well, here’s to not missing it this year.  In the mean time had to make an run up the Glenn to escape the “tweener” time.  I must say I enjoyed the ride…